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We have changed our name:
(FKA Kraken Queen Studio)

  • Located at 2904 F St. Eureka, CA in Henderson Center.

  • Our goal at Squid Ink Studio is to provide a calm and comfortable space where people can come relax while getting tattooed. All bodies are welcome.

  • You can find whether my books are open or closed by checking my Instagram page. That is also where you can find available flash designs and "Wanna Do's" located in my IG highlights. ​

  • Turn on notifications for my Instagram page or add me to your IG favorites list if you don't want to miss anything! Please read through my FAQ page on the website prior to booking.

  • Follow our studio page to stay up-to-date with our resident artists and future guest artists. This page will also share community posts that highlight scientific initiatives, community events, and small business hiz-haps in Humboldt County. 

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