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We have changed our name:
(FKA Kraken Queen Studio)

  • Located at 2904 F St. Eureka, CA in Henderson Center.

  • Our goal at Squid Ink Studio is to provide a calm and comfortable space where people can come relax while getting tattooed. All bodies are welcome.

  • Our resident artists, Kraken Queen Tattoo (Eliza) and Geo Graphics Tattoo (Ethan), both focus on scientific illustration style tattoos. Eliza has a degree in biology and Ethan has his degree in geology. This allows them both to bring a deep understanding of their subject matter to the table while designing nature and science inspired tattoos.

  • You can find whether our resident artist's books are open or closed by checking their Instagram pages. That is also where you can find available flash designs and "Wanna Do's", from our artists, located in their Instagram story highlights. ​

  • To stay up to date you can turn on Instagram notifications for either artist or our studio page! You can also add those pages to your favorites on Instagram. 

  • Give our studio page a follow to stay up-to-date with our resident artists and future guest artists. This page will also share community posts that highlight scientific initiatives, community events, and small business hiz-haps in Humboldt County. 

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